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Toro began its history in 1914.  Shortly after, in 1919, Toro introduced the first “Standard Golf Machine;” the industry’s first mechanized fairway mower.  Since then, Toro has revolutionized the golf course industry and has become the number 1 manufacturer of golf course maintenance equipment and irrigation solutions in the world. 

Couple this with Oakcreek Golf & Turf’s 50 plus years of history and you have the only logical choice for commercial golf and turf equipment in Western Canada.  Contact us today to see why we are the market leaders in Western Canada, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.


If you require more information, please use the contact form and we will get back to you within one business day. 

At Oakcreek Golf & Turf, we aim to provide quality equipment across Western Canada for all your commercial needs. We offer a wide variety of golf and turf products by industry leaders so that you have an array of options to choose from and do not have to compromise on the product quality. Want to explore all the equipment before taking a final call? Take a look at the list of equipment available with us and then decide.

Greens Mowers

Model: Greensmaster Series - Greens Mowers

Greensmaster Series are industry leaders in golf and turf products. The Greens Mowers series provides versatile, pristine and consistent results each and every time.  

Fairway Mowers

Model: Reelmaster Series - Fairway Mowers

Fairway Mowers provide comfort, traction and a superior cutting unit performance. These are highly maneuverable, lighter, and can function at lower operating costs and fuel usage. 

Rough Mowers

Model: Groundsmaster Series - Rough Mowers

If you are looking for unmatched torque with a nimble and productive performance, Rough Mowers are powerful, reliable, and just the tool for you.

Trim & Surrounds Mowers

Model: Groundmaster / Reelmaster Series - Trim and Surround

Choose this model for all-round high quality, superior traction, and cutting unit performance which provides fast and easy access to all service items.

Utility Vehicles

Model: Workman Series - Utility Vehicles

If you are looking for unparalleled comfort, utility and control, then the Workman Series is for you. It is known for durability, driving performance and versatility as it is available in gas, diesel or electric options. 


Time-saving and ease of use are hallmarks of Outcross. The hybrid Outcross is a combination of a tractor and a utility vehicle and comes equipped with multi-purpose, turf-friendly and programmable attachment parameters. 

Aerator & Cultivation

Choose this vehicle for excellent depth perception while following ground contours, as well as superior hole quality and precision. Truly a product where innovation meets productivity.

Top Dressers  

Our top dresser vehicles come with an optional wireless and electronic controller, where maximum performance meets durability and accuracy.  This leads to accurate spread patterns.


Get the advanced spray system design combined with cutting edge controls for the minutiae of the task. The leading technology is tested for unsurpassed accuracy and proven reliability.  

Specialty Equipment

The Greensroller and HoverPro floating mowers are available for exceptional putting surfaces and sloped areas respectively. We also stock the ProStripe mower for exceptional striping capabilities. 

Bunker Rakes 

Our bunker rakes offer unmatched maneuverability and productivity. With 17 optional attachments, they are the definition of versatility and function. 

Debris Management 

Allowing quick and easy clean-up of turf and hard surfaces with superior efficiency and productivity, Debris blowers are the best equipment for debris management. 




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