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Comfortable and Convenient Golf Cars in Western Canada

Make Yamaha Golf Cars Your Car of Choice!

Most occupancy space of any golf car on the market

USB charging ports

ClimaguardTM top with dual gutters

Largest sweater basket in the industry

34% larger storage bin with no-slip mat

Automotive-style dash

Larger rear access panel

Larger bag well

Most legroom in its class with 13.56 inches of room

Widest seat

Fully independent front suspension

Optional Yamatrack GPS solution

Redesigned body styling

Bold new colour offerings

Parts availability

Dealer support

Drive2 Fleet EFI/AC

The all-new Drive2 features bold new colours and new body styling. It is more luxurious and offers more value than ever. If that is not enough, we have built-in new features and equipment designed specifically for your player’s comfort and convenience – in fact, after your players experience the difference, they won’t want to play without it.

UMax Range Picker EFI

Outfitted with a strong diamond-webbed steel cage and an impact-resistant front windshield, discover the same Range Picker you already know and love — but this time, with an upgraded 402cc engine for premium torque and power.

UMax Bistro EFI

Servicing your customers is now easier than ever with our fully redesigned UMAX Bistro™. Featuring a four-lid ice chest, a sliding snack tray, and an optional coffee cambro, your guests will have easy access to the refreshments they need, any time. We’ve also enhanced the entire shopping experience with slanted shelves perfectly equipped for displaying merchandise of your choice.

Concierge 4 EFI/AC

Whether picking up VIPs at a private airport or escorting guests on a factory tour, our four- and six-seat Concierge models will impress even the most discerning passengers. With a smooth, quiet ride, and the widest, most comfortable seats in the industry, these vehicles provide a truly first-class experience.

Concierge 6 EFI/ AC

When your guests arrive, you want to make a lasting first impression. We have outfitted both our four and six-seat Concierge models with a wealth of features to impress even the most discerning passengers. Thanks to extra-smooth handling and a quiet ride, plus the widest bench seats in the industry, it is a first-class luxury that sets the stage for a memorable visit.


Why choose between luxury and reliability? With the new Drive2 line of Personal Transportation Vehicles, now you don’t have to. Over 60 years of precision engineering and technological innovations come together in our most beautiful and luxurious personal transportation line to date.

Adventurer Sport 2+2 EFI/AC

Over the river and through the neighbourhoods, it’s off to fun we go. The new Adventurer Sport 2+2 is as comfortable dropping kids off at baseball practice as it is scooting over to the park. Whatever challenges your day may hold, with the Adventurer Sport 2+2, you’ll have plenty of strength to conquer them.

UMax One EFI

With six colour options, luxurious bucket seats, under hood storage compartment, and large 20" tires, you can see the difference when power, performance, versatility and comfort matter.


Just as strong, resourceful, and reliable as the Umax One, but additionally equipped with an even more substantial cargo bed. Measuring in at 41″ long, 46″ wide, and 12″ deep, your maintenance team will have even more volume to work with.

UMax Rally EFI/AC

We harnessed the speed of our motorcycles, the power of our WaveRunners®, the durability of our outboard motors, the pure grit of our all-terrain vehicles, and the skillfully engineered quietness of our golf cars to create the new Umax Rally™ with a lifted suspension, 23” tires wrapped around 12” V-window wheels, and complete with a Yamaha Genuine front brush guard and deFender fender flares. Whether it’s for the farm, construction site, warehouse, or campus, the Umax Rally goes where no other light utility vehicle can making it yet another reason why Yamaha is The Easy Choice™.

UMax Rally 2+2 EFI/AC

On or off the course, we continuously strive to bring you the best. This time, we have taken the power and performance you trust and fused it with the ultimate in comfort. Introducing the Umax Rally™ 2+2, our newest utility car featuring a completely redesigned rear-facing seat kit with large bucket seats. Now you can tackle any terrain with complete ease. Take the family out on an adventure or cruise around town and, when you need more room for your gear, the convertible fold-down seat creates a convenient surface space. Umax Rally 2+2; another reason why Yamaha is The Easy Choice.™

Adventurer Super Hauler EFI /AC

Whether you’re replacing water heaters or setting up for the day’s big event, this extra-large hauler will lighten your load. With durable, low-maintenance engineering, and a super-sized aluminum cargo bed, it will save you more than a few trips, not to mention headaches.

Yamaha – The Easy Choice!

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